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Hello Yoga Forest friends,
This coronavirus pandemic is causing such challenges and changes for all of us - some with good results others not so much.  I am struggling to find the right words to write to you all but it has become clear to me that due to financial constraints I must close the Yoga Forest studio.  I am sorry for us all as it has been such a great gathering ground for yoga, meditation, friendships, and other fun events over the years.  My fellow teachers and I are sad and will very much miss sharing our laughter, tears and of course our classes with you all.  
So many events we have shared over the years since February of 2008 when I opened the Yoga Hus in Scandia.   Many of you came to both studios when they were both operating for a time when the Yoga Forest opened in November of 2012.   We hosted so many different events over the years: belly dancing, Tai Chi, Zumba, Pilates, Meditation, various yoga workshops, yoga for kids, yoga for dudes, SUP Yoga, broke the Guinness Book World Record when I taught SUP yoga to 313 yogis on Forest Lake, Yoga Barre, Yoga Teacher Training (of which many of those 10 students went on to teach at the Yoga Forest!), community education classes and the list goes on.  We have made such great connections with you awesome yogis over the years- not seeing you all has been hard lately and now knowing that the studio is closing makes it even harder.   

This Yoga Forest website will stay up and running and it will promote online yoga and local events and activities by local yogis and friends in the area.  We will get through this and there will still be yoga happening - for now just not at the current brick and mortar location. 

Where to Yoga Now?
Chris will continue with online classes as I have found that I really enjoy doing them. I will use this platform to teach yoga workshops & trainings and to help promote future yoga retreats - for hopefully 2021??!!  I will still teach FL Community Education classes and for sure some outdoor classes this summer in the community. Online classes with Chris: 

October-November Live Stream Central Time schedule on Namastream
Tuesdays 6:30am Vinyasa
Thursdays 9am Slow Flow Vinyasa
Saturdays 9am Vinyasa
Sundays 9am Gentle
Interested? Here’s the link:

SuZanne G.  You can follow her at You Are Enough Yoga on Facebook or email her at for her schedule. 

Mariah -Follow her on Instagram at @theycallthewindyoga or her website

Thank you for your years of support and friendship!!

The warmest wishes to you from Chris & all of us at the Yoga Forest-
Chris, Jane, Jes, Suzanne M, SuZanne G, Joyce, Angi, Jill, Mariah