​​​Chris has been guiding tours to Europe since 1998 as a guide with Rick Steves Europe.  She took 10 yoginis from our yoga community with her to France in June 2015!  We had a fabulous trip- exploring and taking in all the colors and flavors of France- enhanced by our yoga practice of awareness! ​ 

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South of France in 2020. 


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​Welcome to the Yoga Forest in Forest Lake, MN!
We specialize in Vinyasa flow classes- yoga postures that flow in connection with the breath.  However we also offer a variety for beginners, gentle yoga, Yoga Strong, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, private classes, therapeutic SomaYoga classes. Participants at all levels of experience are welcome! Yoga benefits are vast and include greater ease in mind and body, greater strength, flexibility and balance.