Yoga Hus + Yoga Forest  Chris Coleman opened Yoga Hus in Scandia, MN in February 2008 and originally envisioned that the group of 'a dozen or so folks' that had been attending her weekly yoga class in the Marine on St. Croix town hall above the library could grow by two-fold.  With the growth and expanded following,  she opened the Yoga Forest in Forest Lake, MN in November 2012.   Since then the studio in Scandia closed at the end of 2015.  Today, with various class offerings a week, the Forest Lake studio welcomes hundreds of students to yoga classes from atheletic Yoga Strong and Vinyasa to Yin-Yasa and Restorative classes.



Can I just show up to a class?  Do I need to sign up in advance?

No need to sign up in advance.  Come about 15 minutes prior to a class you are interested in to fill out a disclaimer form and take advantage of new student class discounts.

What should I wear /bring to a yoga class?

Wear comfortable clothing that moves with you (no jeans!) and perhaps an extra layer so you can peel off a layer if you get warm, and it is best if you are barefoot.   Bring a water bottle.  We do have yoga mats to use in exchange for cleaning the mat after use!