Prices classes

Per Class Price:
$10 - Seniors (60+) and Students
$13 - Drop-in Class

Special prices for buying unlimited or packs of classes:
$76 - Auto pay contract 30 Days unlimited

$84 - 30 Days of unlimited classes
$456 - 6 Months of unlimited classes

$58 - 5 pack of classes
$109 - 10 pack of classes
$205 - 20 pack of classes 

$48 - 5 pack of classes Seniors (60+), Students & Military
$91 - 10 pack of classes Seniors (60+), Students & Military
$180 - 20 pack of classes Seniors (60+), Students & Military

Packs of classes can be used for any classes, any day or time.  Events and workshops have a different price structure.


We specializing in Vinyasa flow classes- yoga postures in connection with the breath, a well balanced yoga practice that develops strength, balance and flexibility.  All levels, 60 min-75 min classes

Other Yoga Styles:

Beginners Yoga  - Perfect for those brand new to yoga, or even for experienced yogis who wish to take time to explore the basics.

Gentle Yoga- take time to focus on alignment and mindfulness.   All levels.

Slow Flow Yoga -
  a vinyasa style class that moves at a more easy pace.  All levels.

Heated Vinyasa Flow - Vinyasa Flow in a heated room (mid-80's, more warm than hot!) previous yoga experience is best.

Restorative - yoga balances out a high-energy lifestyle and helps prevent over-stimulation, which can lead to burn out and health problems. This class blends gentle movement, breathwork, and restorative yoga postures supported on props (blocks, bolsters, blankets).  The practice offers a way to increase your flexibility without the risk of overstretching or overexerting yourself, surrender to gravity instead of manually reaching and manipulating your muscles to stretch. It is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress in the body.  

Yoga Strong This total body workout is designed to improve muscular strength and cardio endurance for all fitness levels.   The work outs involve yoga plus calisthenics like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises, and resistance training.  The routine changes weekly to continually challenge different muscle groups of the body.    You will burn calories and improve your overall health and fitness level.    45 min. class