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*Workshop Clear, Calm Focused Mind

​Using the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga traditions, learn about the mind. The four functions of the mind, and how to orient toward a clear, calm, focused headspace. Discover how the functions of the mind inform our different senses and actions of our day. By becoming aware of your own mind, learn new ways to gain more freedom.
November 18th,  11:00 am-1:00 pm 
Cost $55.00 (or $50 if you bring a friend.  Get $5 refund at studio if you pay in advance!)

*Restorative Yoga Sundays at 4pm is back starting November 19th !


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Welcome to the Yoga Forest  in Forest Lake, MN!
We specialize in Vinyasa flow classes- yoga postures that flow in connection with the breath.  However we also offer a variety for  beginners, gentle yoga, Yin-Yasa (Yin + Vinyasa), Yoga Strong and Yoga Sculpt, private classes, therapeutic SomaYoga classes. Participants at all levels of experience are welcome!  If you want strong bones, you have to use them!  Everyone needs lifelong weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain healthy bones.  


Chris took 10 yoginis from our yoga community with her to France in June 2015!  We had a fabulous trip- exploring and taking in all the colors and flavors of France- enhanced by our yoga practice of awareness! ​  In June 2018 there will be trip to France and Spring 2019 to India- details coming soon!