Private Yoga Sessions

Pain is your body crying out for attention—an indicator of a deeper problem. There comes a time when the “fix it” approach no longer works. You realize that you need to learn about your body and how your body moves.

Through custom designed therapeutic yoga programs suited to your body, challenges, and lifestyle, the struggle is eliminated. Strength and flexibility return, pain goes away, and movement becomes freeing—even enjoyable.

We incorporate gentle movement patterns including Somatics that will reprogram your brain to muscle connection, create efficient movement and improve your self-awareness.  With this awareness, you can significantly reduce or eliminate your pain.

A therapeutic yoga session differs from “regular” yoga classes and personal training in the following ways:

It’s individualized. A therapeutic session is offered one-on-one, to individually tailor a practice to the needs, abilities and goals of a specific individual.

It’s more than just postures. Techniques that may be used include breath work or meditation.

It’s holistic. We address the person with the condition, and not the condition in isolation, we see what is going on with a client physically, mentally and emotionally.  It's not about fixing people, it’s about helping someone with his or her movement and breath and then allowing the healing process to begin.

Interested in scheduling a session with Chris?   Email or call Chris' cell 651-278-3982